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Don't you tired of big, heavy and expensive diagnostic devices?

Some diseases like Arrhytmia, Epilepsy must be followed for weeks for diagnostic. But diagnostic devices like Holters are bulky, full of cable and records you up only 48 hours.

As TION Healthcare, we used nanotechnology and shrinked the diagnostic devices into a sticker. It's biocompatible, feasible, thin as few paper and most important thing is it can record you for months.

We offer you, user friendly and accurate smart stickers!


Stick, Download the App and Match With TION.

Higly customizable

We offer same devices for specific diseases with different platforms.


We chose a price that even a small clinic can afford it.

Remote monitoring

Doctors can monitor you remotely from our cloud system.

TION For Arrhythmia.

Atrial Fibrillation is fatal when it hasn't been cured. Holter devices can record you up only for 48 hours. What if your heart doesn't show any symptom in 48 hours?

We combined our power with Bayer and made a smart sticker to cath your arrythymia.

  • Records the ECG data for 1 year.
  • Not a bulky holter, just a smart sticker.
  • Non - allergical.
  • Water and sweat proof.

TION For Epilepsy

Epilepsy seizures occur suddenly and it has no sign for prediction. Beacuse of this, epilepsy patients afraid of being alone.

We are with you! We made a device for monitoring your seizures. If any emergency situation happens we send an ambulance to your location.

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